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Permeate Dryers

Permeate Dryers

Permeate produced from the ultrafiltration of cheese whey and from the ultrafiltration of milk contains solids that are primarily lactose.  Mr. Keller used his experience with lactose to design and patent a dryer specifically for permeate (Keller, 2002, US7241465B2, US7765920B2, US7651713B2, US7651711B2, CA2481023C, EP1488180B1, etc.).  The patents were assigned to Relco LLC, and the process has been widely accepted for permeate drying.  Now, Keller Technologies has developed an entirely new, improved permeate drying system.  The KTI team can apply this technology to your next permeate drying project.

“The Next Generation”

The benefits of Keller Technologies “Next Generation” permeate dryers are:

  • Requires less building space
  • Requires less energy
  • Produces less Maillard (browning) reaction products
  • More Profit!